Madagascar in REAL LIFE!


Renegade Madagascar Penguin escapes from Tokyo Zoo yesterday! The one-year-old Humbolt Penguin “houdinied” his way over a huge wall, through a net and away into Tokyo Bay, where officials have enlisted the help of mariners and general public alike to aid in the recapture of this slippery sucker! That means us–the US Navy–have a new priority! So what have I been doing (besides writing this blog) all day at work? Leaning over the guard rails and expertly tracing ANY and ALL suspicious ripples for a sign of a masked critter! We actually had a “Swimmer in the Water!” security breach drill today, to which I immediately bolted for the nearest catwalk in gleeful attempt at sighting said bird…

No such luck. Apparently he’s a speed demon, so stay tuned to see if any more animals end up missing from Tokyo’s finest…particularly a lion, giraffe, hippo, zebra, lemurs… You know. The general “Move It!” lot…



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