Friends. Can you ever have enough?

The package arrived in no special fashion.

Brown box, addressed to me, clear tape. The post-mark date read almost 2 weeks ago. Was it my Birthday gift from my Oma? Address…address…here! “Margaret Bezold”? What? Wow! She sent me a gift! I pulled out the little blue kids safety scissors I keep in my desk drawer. The rest of the office let out a small chuckle as I held them up triumphantly, ready to open the ordinary-looking square.

It was far from Ordinary. Wow! What the—stars? Cool! They have faces on them! Sharmaine? What? You’re in Washington? Stephen! He must’ve gotten the Peeps! The Twinz? Wow! Amiee? Others? Did I miss one? Jennifer COLE? You’re ALIVE? Margaret! What a true surprise! Look at all the pictures! Wow, these must’ve taken forever to make! And so many stars!!! Ooo, there’s CANDY HEARTS mixed in with them! Can’t let these go to waste…nom nom nom…*aheck!* DON’T eat the stars. Wow! What is this…Pick Up Sticks? Oh! Charades! Wow! Look at all these candy hearts! Toberlone?? Who got me this? Brings back memories ha ha…Wow look at all these pictures!!! And quotes!!! I wish Chief would let me stick these all over the office…Books? More Candy? Cards!!! OOo…I wonder how long I can get away with playing these before I get yelled at…ha ha. MAN I love these guys!

Man I love you guys. You actually sent me something, Margaret, and everyone pitched in! What can I say? My house is still standing. My car works now. I have most of my things still. I am not cold. I am not hot. I am not wet or battered or bruised. I am not missing anyone. I am not sick with radiation (that I know of). That is not the reason though, I have received such a wonderful care package.

Have been sent this ordinary box filled with extraordinary things from some of the Best People this World can Offer. Did you know that, Oh Lord? Did you know that when you designed little Margaret, that she would grow in beauty and strength, and that someday, she would fill a little box with little things that would travel thousands of miles to reach an old friend? Did you know, Precious Savior, that when you breathed life into little Stephen, that he would grow up in Wisdom and in Stature and someday would bless a friend from an Ocean away? Oh Father! Did you create those gorgeous little Twins and give them life, Jennifer that little bundle of smiles, that Mini-Popa and these friends that you have given to me… Did you know them from the Womb, raising them up into the Characters they are now so that someday, one day, they would fill a cardboard box full of Love and send it by plane through storms and over seas, that it may bring such Joy to my heart, that it might Bless me? You Alone are Good, Gracious God. How wonderful Your plan in all of this!

It may not have seemed much, Dear Friends, but what a box of Light it was! Surrounded by steel, gray, dreary wind and rain… Tossing here and there… Climbing ladder-well after ladder well to work 7 days a week from 0600-2200… Knowing full well the turmoil only a hundred miles away on the shore… Scrubbing down the decks and weather doors for Radiation… With threats of no pay, rumors of wars, sickness and daily briefs of real-world torture and slaughter in different regions…

What a timely thing, to finally receive mail and there be something there, something as wonderful as this, for me.

I miss you all terribly. Thank you so much.
You want to know what I did with all those stars? I put my towel around my head and danced around my berthing of 59 other dirty men with the box under one arm, and the other arm sending “Magic and Love, fellow Sailors!” I then began to sing “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket—save it for a rainy day!” as I threw stars onto everyone’s rack and into their empty boots. 🙂 They hated me for days. As a matter of fact, I have found flattened stars as far as the galley…presumably tracked there by someone.

So thank you, again Dear Friends, for the Love. Thank you, very much.


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