The Flower She Will Never See.

That Yellow Rose is beautiful on you tonight.
Pinned upon your lapel and filling your face with Sunshine.
Tell me, Friend, who gave you such a gift? A Yellow Rose signifies only one thing…

Ah, Sister. You will never See this Yellow Rose!
Ordained in deep yellows and rich blues… The smaller flowers encase her in Light and Beauty!
The purity of such White buds surround her radiant glow..! The shorter green stem pinned upon my breast will never see your hands…

Then tell me, Friend! By whom have you received such a thought? The hands belonging to another who bestowed such a peaceable thing… It grows from your heart, See? My fingers can trace her roots deep within you…

Precious Sister! This Rose, you shall never see. You know!  A Yellow Rose means only one thing… I myself acquired her, and fixed her fragile Beauty upon my chest. I myself place petal in thumb and finger to love, to hold, to cherish! Her skin is soft and her smell–refreshing. How can I give her to You? You know I only have one to give.

And one to Love, Dear Brother.  I know her singularity is her meaning, her color–her omen. It suits you well, Friend, her Beauty…poised upon your suited chest. Let her be…keep her always…

You know, beloved Sister. This Flower, You Will Never See.


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