R e v e r e n c e .

To what do I owe this Sacred Reunion?
To Whom does my Soul cry out too? My eyes falter at such profound Creation! This Massive Sea and its pounding waves… These thousand stones uniquely echoing a thunderous chorus…”Shhhhhhh!” “Shhhhhhh!” “Shhhhhhhhh..” “Be Still! Be Silent my harried Mind and know–understand–comprehend–that I, who seek You, am He!”

‘Am He’? Am who? What? Oh God! Who can know You? Who can even fathom such a Name; El Shaddai?
We are so broken, Lord. I am whispering now… So broken! My very Soul yearns to be where You are now! How much longer must I wait? I cannot lose focus now, Lord, of where you’ve put me. No, I must continue this battle, Oh God, this long and arduous fight for Your Kingdom.

Ah Lord! See how her Golden Arms stretch forth behind your Great Mountains? They scare away the Darkness Lord–Behold! Look at how the Stars, in all their bright Armies, retreat! Her blinding head comes forth on the Symphony of Birds! Yes, even the untamed Ocean is quiet at her ascent. Oh God, to orchestrate such pure Beauty! My mind strains to describe it all! ‘Pure Beauty’? Is there no better phrase? What to pen, but ‘majestic sails riding unseen currents of the sky’? You have surely given us this Land, Lord God. You have surely given this place to my Heart. This place of Wild Blackberries, un-tamed trails and stubborn roots, Mighty Cedar and Scraggly Oak…the throbbing heart of a passionate and carefree Boy, along with his rambunctious brothers… 

Could You have loved me any more, Oh Father? All this love is so much for me to bear…! ❤


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