Breakfast at Timothy’s.

I am leaning against a damp railing, the horizontal pipe kissing my belly-button.
One hand is loosely gripping the support, and the other is enclosed around a warm, chrome and black-rubber travel mug. The aroma of Italian blended beans rises through the muggy air and mixes with the smells of the Ocean before gently arousing my sense of smell.

I am on the Fantail of one of the largest vessels in the World, the USS George Washington, CVN-73. And though She rides high now (being almost depleted of her 3.2 million-gallon fuel load), and is barely making way less than ten knots, I can still feel the warm West Sea wind hustling perpendicular to the keel.

The double-birds on either shoulder ensure that I am uninterrupted as I stand here with my coffee, causing any roving watch to quicken their pace as they pass by my solitary figure.

To my left, is the Starboard side, ending abruptly in 4 feet. To my right, the Port side, covering more than 150 feet before the Great Expanse. I myself am facing NE, though we are steaming in a SW direction, specifically, to Busan South Korea. I am here, at 0412, to meet with my Father and pray.

This morning, He has delighted me with–yet again–another Master Piece. High above my head, a lonely star shimmers with the encroaching twilight. Behind me, the Darkness is deep and pure, as if I can see Space itself, and the very depth of it. Far and away in front of me, the coloring sky meets the dark waters of our Earth on such a finite line that if not for the shimmering Rays, it would be impossible to distinguish one from the other.

The Great Fiery Head has not shown himself to me yet, though I can see his emanating Beams dancing on every crested wave from there to here, causing my eyes to fixate themselves as if I were staring into a billowing hearth, or perhaps a field full of sparkling diamonds. Above and to my right, a line of marching clouds like Elephants, tail-to-trunk form distinct and surreal images marching back and forth. I always knew they could fly.

And this brings me to a more profound realization of Genesis 1:3 “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” Such a simple verse, and yet enormous implications! What would these clouds be, if not for Light? Grey, dreary, perhaps not even noticed. But because of the Light behind them, they are black, white, full of depth and beautiful! What is anything I see before me, without Light? And we, as Sinful Men, are lost and depraved and devoid of any worthwhile thing, without The Light that shines IN us and then THROUGH us. 

Einstein was almost there. “A Parallel Universe.” Existing near enough to affect yet far enough that one must come to the realization of it to even notice. His Truth, everything, all that this is about, is mimicked, no, imitated by His Creation. Can we see Him? No, but we can certainly see His effects, what He has made for us. Can a tree sin? Can a cloud sin? Our World is tainted, yes, but the patterns, the correlations between the Playground He made for us and His very Nature is incredibly similar!

I can hear engines of the FA-18’s winding up now. It must be the new work day. Soon, this floating city will be alive And rustling with thousands of people doing what they do best. And still, those clouds will sail on. That Sun will rise and then set again. My star will hide and awaken later in the evening. This vast ocean will still fascinate me. And best of all, He will still be there, high above the diamond-studded sky, looking down and watching as I eat, sleep, work…He will be there, unchanging and beautiful, drawing me ever to Him again and again, Sunrise after inspiring Sunrise, waiting and watching as I continue to grow and learn and observe these hidden (or embarrassingly obvious) patterns of Truth. I know I am falling in Love…

Thank you, King. Thank you, Creator.


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