Written to a Whim.

Her branches form third-dimensional wonders to my eyes.
Small, frail leaves shuttering in the cool breeze of the afternoon.
She is beautiful when she is strong, her massive roots fastened deep into my earth.
The glorious Sun behind her pierces my face like warm breath in so many places.

I set my eyes upon Her. My heart will follow suit.
I gaze upon her untraceable skin and mighty canopy, desire burning deep in my youth.
She calls to me, a swish…swahh…swish…swahh. I cannot deny the Temptress dance.
The image before me is so detailed, microscopic, things unseen…yet enormous, grandiose, majestic.

I come close now, my hand upon Her textured body. Rubbing around and over, my fingers delve carelessly within Her.
I place my ear to Her firm form, listening, breathlessly awaiting the Glory of the Lord to deafen my being.
I look up, high up, to the top with a hope of catching even a gleam of this Beauty’s crown.
I grasp a branch with steady hand, lending my weight to it as I begin my journey.

Up, up, higher I go–I must see Her crown!
A foothold here and a grip there, my mind no longer prevailing but my heart that leads me on.
I inhale deeply the scent of a wise wood, the fresh new buds and the warm, hazy air all around me.
I am almost there, the top, Her shoulders.

I summit, beating heart, open mind and bright eyes looking far beyond what I could have seen by myself!
She supports me, enabling me to lead Her farther than either of us could have traveled!
Together, we are closer to our Creator, and He smiles upon us–a good and innocent thing!
I laugh aloud and her branches speak swish swahh swish swahh...!

Our laughter makes peace with the World.


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