ENTJ: 1.8% of Population.

ENTJ – “Field Marshall”. The basic driving force and need is to lead. Tend to seek a position of responsibility and enjoys being an executive. 1.8% of total population.

Take the test here http://similarminds.com/embj.html
and let me know what you are! (ps, I think I am looking for an ISFP) lol jk. That’s what they say, opposites attract. (I don’t believe that. Opposites just frustrate me. I say Opposites Complete.)
ENTJs have a natural tendency to marshall and direct. This may be expressed with the charm and finesse of a world leader or with the insensitivity of a cult leader. The ENTJ requires little encouragement to make a plan. One ENTJ put it this way… “I make these little plans that really don’t have any importance to anyone else, and then feel compelled to carry them out.” While “compelled” may not describe ENTJs as a group, nevertheless the bent to plan creatively and to make those plans reality is a common theme for NJ types.
ENTJs are often “larger than life” in describing their projects or proposals. This ability may be expressed as salesmanship, story-telling facility or stand-up comedy. In combination with the natural propensity for filibuster, our hero can make it very difficult for the customer to decline.
TRADEMARK: — “I’m really sorry you have to die.” (I realize this is an overstatement. However, most Fs and other gentle souls usually chuckle knowingly at this description.)
ENTJs are decisive. They see what needs to be done, and frequently assign roles to their fellows. Few other types can equal their ability to remain resolute in conflict, sending the valiant (and often leading the charge) into the mouth of hell. When challenged, the ENTJ may by reflex become argumentative. Feeling in this type appears most authentic when implied or expressed covertly in a firm handshake, accepting demeanor, or act of sacrifice thinly covered by excuses of lack of any personal interest in the relinquished item. Improvising on the fly is something many ENTJs do very well. As Thinking’s subordinate, insights are of value only insofar as they further the Right, True ENTJs are capable of living on a higher plane, if you will, and learning to value individuals even above their principles. “Unequivocating” expresses the resoluteness of the ENTJ’s dominant function. Clarity of convictions endows these Thinkers with a knack for debate, or wanting knack, a penchant for argument. The light and heat generated by Thinking at the helm can be impressive; perhaps even overwhelming. Experience teaches many ENTJs that restraint may often be the better part of valor, lest one find oneself victorious but alone.



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13 responses to “ENTJ: 1.8% of Population.

  1. Amy

    “ENFP- The Inspirer
    Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Great people skills. Need to live life in accordance with their inner values. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities. ”
    That’s just the part that sounds good. Below is a link to describe the rest. You can also scroll down on that page and click the careers and relationships link-they are pretty interesting.
    My intuitive/sensing is pretty close (51.85%/48.15) so it’s interesting to read the ESFP but I think ENFP fits better.


    • tcm.

      Hmmm….THAT explains it. I always suspected, but never was quite able to put my finger on it…. 😀

  2. Stephen

    ESTJ…only one letter away from yours! Didn’t you post this a little while ago?

    • tcm.

      Maybe I did, I think so. But every now and then I retake the test to make sure I am not off. 🙂 Oh you sensing you. 🙂

  3. Sara

    ESFJ- “The Caregiver” 🙂

  4. INFP – “The Questor”

    Does this mean I always need a quest to feel alive? Cuz I’m ok with that.

    • tcm.

      The Questor? lol really? I have never heard that title before. But cool! That’s interesting…because you are more a Percieving than a Judging. So Maybe you feel the need to always ‘want’ something greater, not necessarily have it…? Hmmm.

  5. Bethany

    Here is what I am:

    ISFJ – “Conservator”. Desires to be of service and to minister to individual needs – very loyal. 13.8% of total population.

  6. Kyla

    ESTP – “Promotor”. Action! When present, things begin to happen. Fiercely competitive. Entrepreneur. Often uses shock effect to get attention. Negotiator par excellence. 4.3% of total population. Take Free Jung Personality Testpersonality tests by similarminds.com

    I think I accidentally answered some of the questions incorrectly. Entirely possible considering the time!

  7. Kyla

    My S/N and T/P scores were super close… 52.whatever and 47.something.

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