A Man and His Mettle.

I had a dream last night. Well, a conscious dream. You know, the kind where you wake up at 2am and think, “Well, that was odd, but ok…makes sense.” Yes, that kind. And since I don’t sleep well anyways, I allowed my mind the luxury of pursuing that wascly wabbit. And here is what I came upon.

In Marriage, the stuff a Man is made  of is tested twice. (Well, obviously more than twice…c’mon now, he’s married!) but twice BIG time.
      Number 1: At the bedside of his wife, as she is giving birth.
      Number 2: In his Faith and adherence to it.

The foist, of course, is a scary thought for all of us males. As a matter of fact, when I woke up I thought I was in a nightmare. But this is something that we absolutely MUST come through on. How can we be called a man, cowering in the hallway of the hospital when the one we love is fighting for our child? And yes, I know I know. She won’t appreciate it at the moment. She will be angry and hot and curse us for doing this to her. But that’s the here and now. How much stress is she going through?! Give her a break! It’s the aftermath that you will want to run cowering into the corner for, that is if you were NOT in the delivery room! She will remember later, and thank you for it, or curse you for it, depending on the matter of feet between you and her at that crucial moment.

The second is something we all struggle with. Compromising our statutes and faith and ‘church-going laws’ for love. (Or seeming love). Whether that be with our wife or kids. It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that we know what we believe, we practice it, and we do not default on it for any reason. When the kids want to sleep in on Sundays. When the wife wants to try this or that baptism or way to raise a kid. If it goes against the Word, it’s not happening. Yes, it’s going to suck, always looking like the bad guy. But that’s why you need a Chain of Command. A wife who will support your decision in front of the kids, even if she doesn’t agree with it, and will come talk to you about it in private if there is a misunderstanding. They (kids/wife) might be upset with you at first, but in the aftermath (as it always is) Integrity will shine through.

And that was that. I noted that I had 3 more hours of sleep prior to the disturbance of my alarm–to which note I promptly dozed off again.


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