Here’s the question: Does God love you for who you are?

(…think about it…think about it…)


I mean, does He really love you, for who you are?

Does God love you, for what He sees in you, what He created you for?

I’m sure your instinctive answer to the first question posed was something along the lines of “Of course He does, stupid. What are you thinking? Why would He not?” But I hope that you are now thinking along the lines of “What? Wait………..what?” and actually, actively thinking about this.

Now before I continue, I’d like to read your thoughts. Post them here, and come back in 2 days. (And please, put down the pitchforks, torches and knives. I’ll be here all week.)



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4 responses to “Ready?

  1. Amy

    Wow…strange. Did you have a print out of my thoughts over the past 3 days?
    I have to keep processing and decide what I want to share with the world before I respond, but good question.
    Do you realize you are asking people to respond to perhaps the most difficult question of their life on a comment in your blog? Maybe they don’t realize it’s that hard of a question…but it is.
    I’ll be interested to see how differently you think on this subject (as you usually do).

  2. tcm.

    I know. I’m ready. Check back Sunday for conclusion.

  3. Amy

    You should probably post your thoughts here. I just know that there are millions waiting for the answers to their deepest question. And you are late. Don’t keep the masses waiting. (That is unless of course you are somehow making this personally directed at me. Not something I’m sure I’d appreciate on a blog, but I don’t think that’s what you are doing.)

  4. Amy

    So now that you’re not blogging are you going to send me your thoughts? You made it sound like you had them all prepared.

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