Things to Do.

It has come to my attention that I might be in a state of denial concerning my career and life in general. You see, I could very well be leaving in less than a month for the Sand Box on deployment. At the same time, I could also be leaving in a month or two for my new job (whatever that may entail…in case you were wondering, the last blog is now void…PTL it was revoked…so far). That being said….

I’ve got a lot to do. Besides filling out my Will and Power of Attorney, the biggest thing I’ve got to do is move. I’ve got to get a storage container, which I think I shall this weekend, and then I’ve got to move all my stuff into that. Then, I have to find a couple of good, Godly, gardening-type renters. (Why am I procrastinating?) Ah yes, denial.

Other than that, working on getting over the flu right now. Also working on my adjustment to night shift. Blast. Work tomorrow. Looking forward to the all-nighter this weekend though…and of course, breakfast at Rick’s pad. Maybe I will move stuff Saturday…



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2 responses to “Things to Do.

  1. Stephen

    I’ll be home this weekend, so if you need help moving anything let me know. I’m praying for ya buddy!

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