Just another day.

Here’s a little insight to how I operate.
I do things usually in order of priority, and those priorities are almost always determined by what I see. For instance, I get off work and drive home. I notice I am up for an oil change, so I stop by Jiffy Lube and get one with the coupon I happened to have in my car. From there, I head home. I pull into the driveway and notice the gardens need watering. I turn the sprinkler system on at approximately 1730. I run out back and grab the watering can to water the flower pots not reached by the sprinkler system. I decide to leave the sprinkler running for about 15 minutes. I then head inside where I get a phone call from a good friend, and we begin a conversation that lasts about 30 minutes. Then, I check my email, clean up the house a little, and pull out the leftover pasta for dinner. I pop in my newly received Netflix, “I am David”, and promptly take a seat on the couch with the bowl of noodles and a warm blanket. Thirty more minutes into the movie, and my friend calls back. We talk for another 46 minutes, at which point I continue along with the movie. I stop the movie at 2045, wash my face and brush my teeth, take my Dramamine (so I can sleep better) and get my uniforms ready for work the next day (which I just found out about…this lovely twelve hour watch). Good to go for bed. I notice the hot water tank making a strange sound, like water running through it, but I think nothing of it at the time (probably the meds). Then I finish the movie in another thirty minutes. The time is now 2130. I promptly head to bed. I get a seemingly ok 8 hours of sleep, before my alarm threatens my sanity. I roll out, shower, shave, get changed, and am on my way out the door to the store for breakfast at approximately 0630. This is when it happened. It was pitch dark, and it was raining. I ran to the car, threw my bag in, and thought I heard it.

Yes, oh ho! I had left the sprinkler system on. All evening. All night. Thirteen glorious hours of running water. Gardens were flooded. Flowers probably all dead. And it was raining. I am excited for the water bill this month. No more water for another 30 days. And this is how I started my morning. Now, I am at work, sitting here typing, butt aching for another…10.5 hours. Ah, the joys of life.


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  1. Bethany

    don’t worry, we’ve done that before too!

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