A Righteous Passion

Men will always pursue things of beautiful passion, at times regardless of morals, or the constraints of society. It is in fact at these times when brothers, sisters or their loved ones must come alongside and inspire their pursuit, encouraging it however in a direction within the confines of rules, but to make it seem that these confines are more “painted lines” than opposable walls.

Nothing on specifics, of course, but rather that these passionate beings may be endured to carry the love and devotion they hold into the journey of something worth the while, as opposed to a shallow and seemingly temporary objective. For while these mirages may in fact excite and lure even the most stout men, their devotion and pursuit is of ill-gain, for the treasure they seek is worthless, meaningless, in comparison to what they could have—or must have?—in this world.

But then, who’s place is it to decide the priority of their quest? Who has a right to correct—even in the most affectionate manner—the ardent paths of these tireless souls? Who are we to judge what they deem as desirable, perfect, or complete? Then, often times it is the perspective of the outside observer who notices the crooked path and waiting snare, before the man to whom the journey belongs.

So then, I charge you, the observer, in this; that you will not shy in your critique of one another—though be careful to communicate it gently and with respect—and be persistent. And I charge you, the passionate, no matter how pure your motives may in fact be, in this; that you take what the friend has said to heart, with a grain of salt if you must, and do your very best to integrate these advices into your life, that they may in fact become substance and protection on your journey, rather than a hindrance of any kind. Remember, it is your perspective on the critique that affects the reality of these objects.

And finally, to both of you, the observer and the journeyman, remember to always, always continue on, no matter the difficulty of the circumstance, and that sometimes, the path is not always in front of you, but rather behind. For an Idle man is the Devil’s workshop, far worse than even the one who must backtrack to find the correct path, for at least he is actively working towards his goal.

I love you all;


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