Today, Happening Now.

Current time: 0006.
Current date: Sunday, 09Aug09.
Current status: Wiped Out.

I have been on watch now for almost six hours. (Almost halfway through!) Surprisingly, I have made it without any coffee at all! I am just now brewing my first 8 cups. Typing with one hand, shoving a Big N’ Tasty into my mouth with the other. Have Leeland playing in the background…if anyone knew, I’d be dead. …What to scribe…I have discovered Women’s Kryptonite, thanks to Rachel, so I guess I won’t be writing anything like the last post ever again…I suppose I could go over the ideal social network, as perceived by myself of course…(odd topic I know…that’s what happens this early)

The Ideal Social Network. Three parts: Immediate Family, Family, Best Friends, Sisters/Brothers, Friends, Acquaintances/Work Associates.

  1. Immediate Family. It is imperative that the people who birthed us and clothed us play the most loving role of all. Everyone needs a family, no matter how bad home life is, we all need a mom and dad figure-head, and some sort of sibling network.
  2. Family. Feeling like we are a part of ‘something bigger’ is also very important to our social well-being. Uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins etc. We need to belong.
  3. Best friends. 1 to 2. After that, we start trying to manipulate them to kind of ‘melt’ them together into the ultimate BFF. This also causes tension as we compare and contrast each other. A best friend is there to do something stupid with us, teach us, talk with us and share life with us.
  4. Sisters/Brothers. These are not blood relatives (though they very well could be). If you’re a girl, you need a ‘brother’, and a guy needs a ‘sister’. These are the folks that we have absolutely no mutual romantic feelings with, the sort of ‘back-ups’ and comforters. Where our best friend is there to offer advice, there are often times many situations in which we simply need a comforting hug, a shoulder to cry on, etc.
  5. Friends, Acquaintances, Work Associates. These are the folks we surround ourselves with to simply exist, to be social beings. We do not often confide too deeply within these folks, though we also see them probably a lot more than most of the others.

Hmmm…within the time it took to write this, I had four phone calls from drunk sailors. “Hey man, can you come pick me up?” “What? No I can’t come pick you up. What am I, taxi service?” “Oh hahhahahah I geth it tjhhjhjlhsbdashd” *click*.

AHHHHHHHH MY LIFE!!! Overandout.


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