More than a man.

Who I am. More than once, less the 5. Personality for each, melting together. Put me in a blender and then I’ll be whole. Teach me how to be Courageous, and I will not fear. Give me the Strength, and I will go. Though I know the men who are weak, those who fear, are the ones who take a step one day and keep on going, never looking back, eventually leading other men. The true identity of a man is revealed when his ‘metal’ is measured in any way. Hmm…
I write more out of random thought than provoking desire. I am never compelled to write, as some are in the habit of doing, but rather, I write whenever my heart speaks, and my mind comprehends. Actually, my heart speaks quite often. (Sadly, at the worst possible moments too, when I am at work, or tied up in the most awkward moments to even spend a fraction of time pondering such wonders). But though my heart is in a constant state of genius excursions, my mind only too often falls behind in most attempts to categorize such epiphanies…
Continuing on…
One day, I will purchase a truck. I will be off on a joy ride, by myself and the Lord, touring a more rural part of this country. It will be morning, the pine trees racing past me and filling my vehicle with the bright smell of spring. The rising sun lights the jagged mountain range on fire, and its sword-like rays will be piercing my eyes as they break through every brief opening in the dense forest. Small fields will flow by with old wooden fences and light brown barns. The mist will be rising off the pastures in almost ghostly form, the entire beauty surrounding me almost lulling me into a deep surpassing  a w e . . .
I am rounding a bend, taking it all in, when another ranch opens up before me. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch an image of mesmerizing proportions. A horse is doing circles around a man in a corrall. A black horse. A beautiful horse. A rebellious horse, a prideful horse. But that wasn’t the mesmerizing part. The real head-knocker was the beautiful broad astride the wild stallion. And boy was she a heart-thumper. Amazing! Here was this girl, bravely riding on the back of an untamed beast, honey colored hair flowing a little beyond her shoulders, peircing eyes that seemed to see everything, yet also seemed soft and compassionate. Wow. I have lived on this Island for ten years now, and have been stationed here for the last 4. Where have I been? 
Too Late. I look back just in time to see an old man in a truck of similiar age coming right at me. No, I was in his lane. Swerving, I just missed his truck and was on a careening course for the right hand ditch. I hit it hard, flipped, rolled once and landed upside down, halfway out my side window, thankfully it had been rolled down. My eyes flickered open. My back was on the ridge of the roof of the truck. I reached up and felt an ostrich egg on my forehead from the steering wheel. Blood was covering my neck from a gash behind my ear, and I couldn’t hear a thing. My eyes flickered open again. Did I close them? There was an Angel looking down upon me. Eyes searching mine for a sign of life. I couldn’t feel anything now, and her halo was so bright I had to squint. I saw her move her lips in slow motion, whispering to the Lord possibly. Then a dark figure abruptly tainted her grace. He had thick whiskers and big brown eyes. A shaggy head of hair was bestowed upon him, like they all individually were trying to escape from his head in a different direction. He bent closer to me, and said something muffled. I closed my eyes purposefully this time. I wanted to see the Angel again. I opened them to my relief, as she bent near me this time, with a rag that I am assuming was wet, for something ran into my eyes and made me blink several times. She was beautiful. I didn’t want to let her go, but I was just s o  t i r e d . . .
I heard her before I saw her. She was singing to me. Puff the Magic Dragon. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. My eyes fluttered open…




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2 responses to “More than a man.

  1. so she can ride horses and carry a tune, but can she fix cars? 🙂

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