Life on the Rock.

Dear Diary.        23Jun09

Today, I woke up at 0430, shaved, dressed, and drove to work.
On the way, I stopped to get a cup of joe, and groggily wandered into my shop by 0530 to begin another day of studies. At about 0700, the enemy came into the shop, and hell began. At 0900, I left for the trainer building, and had class for the next 3 hours. At noon, I grabbed lunch and came back for briefing. At 1230, I posted my brief, got eaten alive by more monsters, and finished my lunch. At 1300 I began my trainer, and for the next 4 hours listened to a guy eat me alive with sarcasm, indifferance, and the concept of World Of Warcraft. At 1700, we debriefed, and by 1740 I was left alone. I left in my car at 1750, and stopped again for a cup of joe. Those gals sure are cheery. A refreshing sight by this time. Made it home by 1810, and started my studies. Continuing studies. Will finish this later on tonight.

Never got the chance to finish. Ah well. Life on the Rock. (27Jun09)


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  1. i hope it was dunkin donuts.

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