Babylicious. <3

And here they are. The moment we’ve all been awaiting. This year’s NEW and IMPROVED list of possible Baby Names. 😛
(call me goofy, but I’ll just call you Pluto)

In alternating order, ladies and gents, here they are! In no order of preference. Also note, as a family tradition (father, his father, my great grandfather and his father, etc) the first name of the father is passed as the middle name of the first-born son. (confusing?) My name is Timothy Clayton Miller. My father’s name is Clayton William Miller. His father’s name is William Mallory Miller, etc. So my first-born dude is ___ Timothy Miller. Comprendo? Here we are. [+=guy, -=girl]
+Tristen Timothy Miller -Beverly Joy
+Mickey (Mick) Gerrit     -Whitney Jean
+Tommy Stephen              -Hannah Joy
                                                   -Danae Evalet
(It’s so hard to find something that goes with Timothy!!)

Let me know! 😛



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2 responses to “Babylicious. <3

  1. Michael’s always a good first name (but I’m biased; it’s my dad’s name).

  2. tcm.

    This is truth. Michael is my brother Ben’s middle name. Good strong name. I also like Seth, but that is taken by other brother. Deng it. 😛

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