I know it’s been a while.

But after figuring out how to log into my site, and finally being able to edit it again, I am back.

News. I recently enjoyed a relaxing trip to Pensacola this past weekend, about a 5 hour drive. It was wonderful, and the 5-week old baby I got to see was wonderful and refreshing. The weather was great, the old base was beautiful, the people were exciting, and the drive was relaxing.

I returned late Sunday evening, only to find that my roommate, who’s weekend it was to clean the bathroom, failed me yet again. It was a mess, and I won’t even begin to describe to you the disgusting filth that littered the place. His only reply was, “Room inspections aren’t that big a deal.” So what?! It’s not the room inspection! It’s the fact that you LIVE here! I asked him if he could live with this dirt all over like this and he said he didn’t care. Great.

On another note, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with my good friend and co-blogger, (I’m gonna try and do this) Rachel Burns (ok nevermind…that didn’t work), and one thing she mentioned inspired an emotion within me that I had to release here (my apologies if I use this ‘writing thing’ as a stress reliever). 🙂 I found out (and confirmed with my friends back home) that United States Colleges give Martin Luther King day off to students, where as Abraham Lincoln, or even President’s Day itself is not given for a holiday. Whether it be in part the fact that they are liberally run, and hate the US in general, or whether it be the pressure from the “All you White people Owe Us Blacks” NAACP, I am not certain. But it makes me angry, and I just find it incredibly difficult to see where people’s common sense disappears too when their own popularity and personal wealth is at stake. (Where did all the good people go?)

On a lighter note. Today is the 9th of Feb. And I found out today, only by the grace of God, that I am number one in class still. Even though number two beat me on the last test, and I was only .3 ahead, I am number one. My average is 98.2, and hers is 98.1. Literally. Talk about the hand of the Lord. And with that comes the first pick to orders, which we also found out would be given to us tomorrow, at 1330. Usually four choices; Brunswick ME, Jacksonville FL, Whidbey Island WA, and Kaneohe Bay HI. However, we were told that there would be no Jacksonville orders, which sucks, because that means I will be leaving all these folks I just met. However, in a sense, my first choice is HI, so that is good. We will see where the Lord wants me! I am excited to see what He has in store for me!

Other than that, just another fine Navy day here in the Sunny State of Florida. 😀


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  1. Are you nervous? Can’t wait to see where you’re assigned!

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