Wordly Goodness.

So I know we (as Christians) are not called to be a part of this world…BUT.

Paul writes in Philippians 4:8 “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

And let me tell you…. BACKRUBS are DEFINITELY things to be thought about!
WOW! Today, Friday, I just had my first REAL massage…and MAN was it heavenly!! I was ‘talked into’ (like that was hard) a full body, one hour Swedish massage. And let me tell you something. As soon as it was done, I raced downstairs and booked myself in the next available opening. DENG. If I was you, I would stop reading this at the end of this sentence, turn off the computer, grab your wallet, and race to your nearest family-friendly gym, and make an appointment for a blessing.

I’m guessing you all are of the more ‘laid-back’ crowd…righteous dudes….ya man.

Seriously. Get off your butt and go get one. They say that if you get a real one, backrubs from your friends or family will never feel the same. Well, this is true. Of course they’re not going to feel the same! This person has a license! But trust me, coming from the BACKRUB KING of the world, you will still want one just as badly (or even more so, now that you are addicted) from your peers. On that note…

I have a confession to blog. Back in my early years of high school, our youth group took monthly outings to various places. Admittingly, I would use the excuse of ‘studying the Bible’ to have everyone get together in a MASSAGE TRAIN and ‘study’ with me. When it felt like it was dying down, I would turn to a new book and claim a revelation, where upon I would again get to the FRONT of the train (not massaging) and pretend to ‘study’ again. Lame, I know. (I’ve confessed those sins).

At an earlier time in my life, middle school perhaps, I frequently conned my brothers into backrubs by allowing them to pick anything in my closet to keep for an hour backrub. (Unbeknownst to them) I had, the night before, removed all of my ‘treasures’ that they knew I had in there, and filled the closet with McDonald toys. (Yet it worked every time!)

At an even earlier time in my life, back in elementry (yes, my sinful lust for an excellent massage goes WAY back into my youth!) I would tell my brothers bed-time stories, adventures of pirates, midget serial killers, ghost dinosaurs, unexplored islands, caves filled with gems…about halfway through the story (more near the climax) I would stop, and just ‘keel over’. One of the boys (usually the most enthralled with the story) would rush over and beg me to keep going, to which I would ‘force’ out the answer, “My batteries are dead, and the only way to charge them is with a backrub.” So, begrudgingly, my poor brother would start rubbing my back, and I would keep going (only so long as his hands were moving) and would try my best never to end the story until we all fell asleep.

Call me controlling. Call me manipulative. But when it comes to backrubs, I’m sorry, but I am hook, line and sinker. (60% of the time, every time!) 😀
One thing she did say, that I was a piece of work. She said that I was the biggest hunk of knot she had ever seen, and everytime she got to a new spot, I could sense her shaking her head in dismay, and she let out a loud sigh. Heh heh. She recommended (not for money’s sake) but for mine, that I should come back in in a few weeks time and get a deep tissue massage (which sounds good) but she gave me an example, and dug into a knot in my shoulder with her elbow! Holy Cow! Talk about pain!! If anybody ever did that….whew. But hey! The knot there is gone now. So it feels good…but at the time….deng.

Anyways…rambling needs to come to an end now. Hey! I have to get more than 18 views tomorrow on this, otherwise my little graph chart goes down…still figuring some things out on here…(maybe I should just write a reallt good post that everyone would like to view!) Ok…I’ll try and do that this weekend.

Have a wonderful day, and when you get that massage, give ’em my name and number and say I referred you all. (ya!)

dueces! <><.



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2 responses to “Wordly Goodness.

  1. Oh, I’m so envious! I have the worst knot under my shoulder and I haven’t seen Katie (my massage buddy) all day!

  2. tcm.

    heheh awww….(lucky to have you’re own buddy!)

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